We need a box.

Finally I had a case that things should fit in.
Now it was all about squeezing in all the guts & wires..

Time to create a package.

The actual finished package design.

Creating a case that was not huge and fit everything was really tough! It literally took two weeks and a lot of that was skipping meals and sleep.

At one point I thought I was finished, only to realize I’d designed it with the screen in upside down! Arrgh! Then I found I had the wrong power supply. No! The supply I designed everything for didn’t have the charging circuit.

I made models of all the hardware that was going into the case. Screen, processor, battery, switch, power supply. These were used in the 3D models to see if things fit.

At one point of major frustration I just 3D printed the parts I didn’t have and used them in the printed case to see how things fit together.