Home made cellphone project.


First order of business was to get it running with the Adafruit demo code that came with it.

Since we live out in the sticks (On an island actually) our house is in a cell phone dead zone. I needed to get everything mobile. So I set it up in our old truck. This was kinda’ ironic because it was originally a WWII communications vehicle. Back in the early ‘40s they would pack these things full of tube radio gear. This machine still has its original 65 Amp generator to run all that equipment. Tech. has come a long way.

We’d drive it to places where we could get cell coverage and type messages to our kids. It was fun! The actual phone hardware was in the can you can see in the picture strapped to the mirror arm. Powered by a USB cable from the laptop strapped to the map board.


It started with an Adafruit Feather FONA.

Home made Cellphone.

Looking at the FeatherFONA, I got the idea that making my own cellphone might be a fun project. I mean, it already does everything. All I needed to do was write some GUI code and there I’d be. From doing the calculator and doorbell, I had a bunch of GUI code libraries already written up.  How hard could it be?

Ok, I knew it would be a bit of a stretch, I just, as always, under estimated just how much.

So I bought one of these FeatherFONAs and, when I had free time, begin to experiment with it.