Home made cellphone project.


There is actually a pretty good writeup of the start for this phone on the Franklin project blog. Here is the actual page. That page was written a little over a year before this page. It has some nice pictures of the early phone with its stolen icons. In the end, I had to figure out how to create my own icons. That was a very interesting side project.


Smart phones are a thing already..

Contact list actually working.

Everyone knows cellphones are, well.. Wireless phones that can also do text messaging. But they do a lot more! For example. Easy to use contact lists. How in the world do I code something like that? In fact, that was key to everything. If you think about it, nearly everything in your cellphone uses the contact database. I had to write one.

To write a database of any kind, one needs to be able to work with data in files. Therefore I needed some sort of toolkit for manipulating files on an SD card. There’s my starting point.

Julie and I went on a short vacation and, I took along my laptop. Many watch TV and read novels for relaxation. I wrote the LC_blockFile library for my relaxation.