The .mp3 Doorbell project.


There you have it. Early yesterday morning, again about 3:30 AM, I was able to finish up the software. It all works!

  1. BulletClick the button to choose songs. Or just to play a song.

  2. BulletWhen a song is playing, the knob sets volume.

  3. BulletWhen a song or the doorbell is playing, clicking the button turns it off.

  4. BulletSongs are stored on a pop out micro SD card.

  5. BulletPowered by a USB charger.

The only issue is, Sigh.. It won’t work with doorbell buttons that have lights in them. The light makes it think someone’s pushing the button all the time. So, for now. No lights!

Funny how I jump right to “done” from getting it running. There was a lot of code between the two. But that’ll be for another day.

Now I have to go home, put the chickens away and feed the cat.

The story of the Doorbell project.