Left Coast Quadcopters


What are they?

They are radio controlled flying quadcopters.

Specs for the big ones?

  1. Frame width, shaft to shaft 21”

  2. Material 3D printed PLA.

  3. Stainless steel hardware.

  4. Sunnysky motors.

Teaser video of quad flights

3D models are available to download.

We started playing around with radio control aircraft and thought.. “You know, we can make these!”


The machine used to take the aerial photos.

This one uses a small video camera stuck to the velcro patch on the top of the dome for shooting video and still images.

This machine is also adapted to run using a wireless video link to a set of goggles that the pilot wears. Its cool!

We can also pipe the live video feed to a monitor so we can give our friends “rides” in our machine. Its great fun for everyone!!